Training Tips

SwinGolf is easy to learn and after a few practice swings anyone can enjoy the game. But like in any sport, for some people “doing ok” just isn’t good enough. Here are some tips for the more ambitious:

A good stance is essential for a good swing

Stand with your back straight and bend forward a bit. Keep your knees loose and slightly bent. The ball should lie slightly in front of your left foot. With your arms straight but loose, take aim at the ball. Hit the ball with your wrists loose for maximum leverage to send it on a strong, straight trajectory. Don’t “smash” the ball – swing loosely and follow through. Even after the moment of impact, keep a stable stance and don’t “follow” the ball with your body.


From the tee to the green: strategy makes the difference!

Like in many sports, in SwinGolf you have to adjust to the given circumstances. Take the terrain into account:

  • How do I avoid a tree or a water hazard on my way to the green?
  • Is the hole uphill or downhill? How do I adapt the strength of my stroke?
  • Would it be better to accept a penalty-shot or should I try to hit the ball through the bush?
  • Is it wet and windy, or sunny and warm? How does that influence the flight of my ball? 

A moment of deliberation and a bit of skill is often more helpful than raw power and sheer will.

But most important: stay cool and relaxed! Enjoy this fascinating sport with friends and family in the great outdoors.

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