Market and Trends

The demand for active recreation in the great outdoors is as strong as ever. Nevertheless, ecological aspects are becoming increasingly important: outdoor activities have to be consistent with the idea of preserving the environment for future generations.


This is one of the reasons why farmers, governmental organisations and other landowners are increasingly searching for alternative uses of their properties beyond conventional husbandry, industrial estates, residential areas or forestry. The proliferation of farm shops, camping grounds, farming holidays and riding stables, as well as adventure playgrounds, nature trails, and outdoor centres, is a result of these efforts. People want easy access to outdoor activities at moderate prices, while governments aspire to provide for sustainable, ecological use of natural resources.


SwinGolf is an attractive possibility to reconcile the interest of all parties involved (i.e. landowners, citizens, governments). Setting up a SwinGolf site creates a business opportunity for the proprietors and an enthralling yet inexpensive outdoor activity for people of all ages.




Almost 100 SwinGolf courses have opened in Europe since the 1980s. Their success is not only proof of an increasing acceptance amongst the people, but also shows that dynamic, committed proprietors are economically successful.


The prerequisites for opening a SwinGolf facility are:

  • Access (property or lease) to land that can be used for SwinGolf (50,000m² for 9 holes / 100,000m² for 18 holes), plus space for parking and a bistro or café.
  • Service orientation (in particular, a “host mentality”)
  • Willingness to invest / Access to outside capital
  • Basic knowledge of business processes and marketing 

Since the impacts on nature are kept to a minimum and renaturation is easily achieved within the first few years, SwinGolf combines the interests of economy and ecology in an ideal manner.


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