About SwinGolf

SwingolfSwinGolf was invented in France. The idea of the game is the same as in traditional golf: to hit a ball from the tee into a hole with as few strokes as possible over a distance of up to 300 meters. Just one universal, three-faced club is used to hit the ball. SwinGolf is played on normal grassland or a meadow (the average size needed for a 9-hole course is app. 50,000m²; for 18 holes app. 100,000 m² are required), which is modified slightly to meet the requirements of the game. However, major interference with nature and extensive earthwork do not take place.


In 1982 the Frenchman Laurent de Vilmorin developed the patented, three-faced club and a special ball for players who wanted to play SwinGolf on rustic terrain. The “Swin(g)” is similar to the movement in golf: a well-hit ball flies up to 100 meters. Especially among non-golfers, the idea of a simplified version caught on quickly and developed into a major trend. Since French school authorities became interested in SwinGolf in 1987, thousands of pupils in various parts of “La Grand Nation” have enjoyed this fascinating sport. Today there are about 60 courses in France, 30 in Germany, and 8 in Switzerland. The sport is also winning friends in BeNeLux, Italy, Austria and other parts of Europe.


SwinGolf is similar to traditional golf, but there are also fundamental differences:

  • Anyone can play immediately, without long and difficult training
  • The game is played with just one universal, three-faced club (rather than a full set of 12 or more)
  • SwinGolf balls are larger and softer (and therefore easier to hit and less dangerous)
  • No handicap certificate, club membership or course permit is needed to play the game
  • Prices in SwinGolf are very moderate
  • Much less land is needed to set up a SwinGolf course

SwinGolf is fun for everyone!

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